SOKA-BAU Study 2022: Attitudes & Expectations of Trainees in the Construction Industry

The study “Training as the Future of the Construction Industry 2022” was conducted to find out the attitudes, expectations and plans of young entrants to the construction industry with regard to their training and careers. For this purpose, SOKA-BAU and “F.A.Z. BUSINESS MEDIA | research” surveyed around 1,500 trainees and young employees in the construction industry. The result is that construction trainees want above all a good salary and a secure job; in addition, the desire for further training and professional independence is increasing.

Trainee in construction
Construction may lack apprentices, but the apprentices themselves lack virtually nothing in construction: According to the SOKA-BAU study, the majority of them enjoy their construction profession and are optimistic about the future // Image: Tomasz Zajda / Adobe Stock

According to SOKA-BAU board member Dr. Gerhard Mudrack, training in the construction industry is booming; even during the corona pandemic, the number of trainees in the construction industry developed significantly better than the average for all industries. In the current new training year, construction companies across Germany had taken on almost 14,500 new apprentices, which was 2.1 percent more than last year. A total of around 42,500 young people are currently being trained in the construction industry, he said, yet the demand for apprentices and young skilled workers has continued to rise. In the following, we present some interesting findings from the study.

Top 5 reasons to choose vocational training in construction

  1. Fun to work in a construction profession
  2. Good career prospects in construction
  3. I can also use what I have learned in my private life
  4. Amount of the training allowance
  5. Proximity of the training company to the place of residence


Top 5 personal goals in the construction profession

  1. Good salary
  2. Safe workplace
  3. Further professional qualification in construction
  4. Participation in interesting construction projects
  5. Self-employment by founding or taking over a business


It is also interesting to note that the web and social media are now the dominant sources of information for apprentices when choosing a training company.


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