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Consulting for Construction & Craft

We advise construction and craft businesses on how they can effectively find and train skilled workers.

Why does the construction trade need advice?


Construction and the craft sector have an enormous importance for the economy, the labor market and the implementation of sustainable trends.


Small and medium-sized construction companies and craft firms in particular are struggling with the shortage of skilled workers and digitalization.

The challenge

The demands to be sustainable, inclusive and environmentally friendly are increasing, but it is not clear how this is economically feasible.


The companies, educational institutions, chambers and experts jointly develop practical solutions that can be implemented directly and actively support each other.

What consulting & services does GETBAU offer?
Attract skilled workers & professionals

GETBAU helps you to find skilled workers and advises you on how to optimize your recruitment strategies:

Mastering digitalization

GETBAU shows you customized solutions to quickly become digitally better and implements them directly for you.

Training & Education

GETBAU informs you about current trends in training and education, as well as interesting courses and training programs.

Working sustainably

GETBAU keeps you informed about new developments on the topics of sustainability and energy efficiency.

How does the cooperation with GETBAU work?


Initial meeting

We find out where the need for consulting is greatest and what you actually need.



After the initial meeting, we will create a concrete action plan and make you an offer.



The action plan is implemented and continuously optimized for success. The duration of the implementation phase is usually between 6 and 12 months.

How can your company benefit from GETBAU?
Arrange a non-binding meeting now

Take your chance now for professional advice and find out directly how we can personally help your company.

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